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  • Jonathon Czarny, Government Access Coordinator

    Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, Jonathon is a lifelong adventurer, which has nurtured his affinity for story-telling. From Jamaica to Africa, skiing, skydiving, zip-lining to spelunking, attending sports events or concerts, he has spent a lot of time seeking new experiences, meeting new people and learning new cultures. Naturally, such adventurers find their way to the mountains, where he found Asheville, NC while searching out universities to attend. He earned his B.A. in Mass Communication at UNC- Asheville and has worked in community television in Asheville, Knoxville and now Avon, CO at High Five Access Media. A lover of stories in all forms, Jonathon likes to search out new and interesting ways stories are told and culture is shared, whether its radio, television, film, oral history or literature.

  • Brett Ferraro, Media Education and Access Assistant

    Born and raised in the Vail Valley, Brett spent their formative years attending ECCA and VMS. They graduated from CU Boulder in 2021 with a BA in film production. Brett moved back to the valley and works for TV8 Vail filming, recording, and directing their morning show Good Morning Vail. They love the outdoor lifestyle that the valley provides as well as telling stories through all sorts of great mediums including film making.

  • J.K. Perry, Executive Director

    J.K. began working at High Five Access Media in 2007. He moved to the valley in 2005 after attending the University of Iowa, where he studied journalism and photography, while working at The Daily Iowan. He interned at the Cedar Rapids Gazette covering public safety and wrote for the Vail Daily after moving to Colorado. This Chicago native is a hardcore Windy City sports fan, enjoys deep dish pizza, pulling on rock, fly fishing, and reading. He and his partner Erin, and son Roland live in Edwards with their two cats, Adonis and Ryu.

  • Austin Richardson, Production Assistant

    Austin moved to the Vail Valley the weekend of the Two Elk Fires in 1998. He is a veteran of several newspapers, including the Vail Valley Times, Vail Valley Business Today, Vail Daily, Eagle Valley Enterprise and the Leadville Chronicle. Currently he is the Operations Manager with KNS Broadcasting, featuring KZYR, KKVM and The Outlaw. He loves to read, play golf and watch old Star Trek episodes.

  • Casey Russell, Media Education and Access Coordinator

    Casey loves to learn almost as much as she loves to create. She graduated from Syracuse University with a magazine journalism degree in 2019 and moved to Vail two weeks later to work for Vail Daily, where she served as the Arts & Entertainment Editor for two years. Casey comes to High Five with experience teaching all ages in subjects including newswriting, digital storytelling, media ethics, leadership and more.